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What to expect:

In a Tarot Reading the client and I enter into sacred space where the potential for infinite possibility exists.  Depending on the type of reading you choose the Redwood Wizard will make some suggestion about how to proceed. 


Summer T. Wind is the Redwood Wizard.   He has spent many years in spiritual practice, study, and meditation. His day starts with silent meditation and then he has COFFEE.  Summer has meditated with people from all backgrounds including those incarcerated in prisons and jails.  

Another passion of mine is the words of encouragement and good vibrations found in reading Tarot Cards.  Its imagery, symbolism, and archetypal language can empower us to examine our lives or change course and direction.  Some people will be better able to follow their own spiritual path with greater awareness and insight.    

The Elements of a Dream


Interpretation use by the Redwood Wizard consists of 5 points:

1.  What are your first impressions of the dream?

2.  What is the action of the dream?

3.  What are your feelings during the dream?

4.  What were the symbols including characters, settings, and objects?

5.  What was the gift or message you received from the dream? 

tips for a great tarot reading

The Redwood Wizard had 3 tips for a great Tarot Card reading:

1.  Keep and open mind and allowed the reading to unfold. It is best to be calm and clear with your questions and comments.

2.  Realize that Tarot gives you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.

3.  Accept that you don’t need to believe but that you need to suspend disbelieve.

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